Tsunami Pump (JLM-800A)

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It is suitable for pumping clean water and chemically non-aggressive fluid. Extremely reliable, economical and simple to use, finding many uses in domestic applications and the medium-size surge tanks, for watering gardens, irrigations, car wash etc.

With the new feature, it is improving & simplifies your style of using water pump.

2 in stock


Tsunami JLM Pump Series, the new Automatic Self-Priming Water Pump, with the high tech intelligence automatic control system, PCB dry operation protection, water lacking protection electronic pump starting delay protection, and more protection system of timer, jumper, current, etc.

The new designed JLM series is an automatic cold & hot water turbine self-priming pump. It is widely used in living water taking, pumping well water, tap water and 100°C hot water, household boosting, garden & farm irrigation, etc.

Export : Larger thread diameter G1″ water tank with full electrical pulse processing

Import : Joint thread of large diameter G1″ material steel plating processing

Red copper impeller grade ZCuZn38

Rotor : Stainless steel welded butt shaft net balance

Winding Core: Standard cold rolling plate 800, copper wire, automatic offline.


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